Stress – resolving through flower essences and crystals

Stress for me and a lot of parents at the moment is getting the children back to school or ready for that all important first day at school. They are nervous, anxious, playing up and that feeds the parents own nervous energy and worries and before you know it the atmosphere has changed from supportive love to something very different. This was me this morning, I overcome this usually with flower remedies and crystals. Flower essences work with the body to bring a balance to your state of mind and can support your emotions to find a space for calm that otherwise evaporates all too quickly.

I use flower essences on myself – impatiens is a favourite of mine for impatience of course – and I must admit to being calmer when take it everyday!! I also use them on my children, ether in their water bottles or a quick spray of Bach’s rescue remedy in their mouths before we leave and when entering the classroom. They usually have a positive calming effect and I hope that by adding to the water bottle they will be sipped and their energy play a positive role throughout the day!

I also find crystals very positive to use, particularly rose quartz. Again my children have rose quartz in their rooms, by their beds and are encouraged to hold and feel its calming energy. I also have a lovely rose quartz lamp which glows on the landing at night to help spread the calm and love, it is also a beautiful pink colour glow!

Crystals can be used in a more traditional crystal therapy by choosing and placing them on the body, especially the heart and solar plexus.

When mixed with Reiki the result is an amazing reduction in stress and calmness that really does remain for a long time. Regular treatments are always best rather than just the quick hit of a once off treatment. Regular treatments will ensure the stress levels don’t hit those high that you experience when you first walk in to a treatment and gradually reduce like a falling wave to a much lower level.

To create your own Space for calm please contact me and let us produce a unique package just for you!


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