Salt Lamps to Calm & Clear Energies in the Home

Salt Lamps to Calm the Home

Himalayan salt lamps are a great  way to change the energy and atmosphere in the home.

They are made from salt crystal rocks, mined from the foothills of the Himalayas and created by nature hundreds of millions of years ago.

How do salt lamps help?

  • Have you noticed how you feel when at the beach, a mountain  or waterfall? Natural negative ions are released  in these locations and are believed to stimulate biochemical reactions in our bodies which help to relieve stress, boost energy and reduce depression.
  • TVs, PCs, microwave ovens and heaters all send out positive ions into the atmosphere. These positive ions can affect our health and our physical and mental energy levels. The lamps release negative ions as they warm up. So the salt lamp reduced electro-smog
  • Air which has a higher level of negative ions has been shown to reduce airborne bacteria inside a house, so support a healthier living environment and may reduce infections.
  • For me they also help to calm the energy of the house, possibly because of their effect to reduce the impact of the positive ions by flooding negative ions into the room
  • Hospitals have even been built in salt mountains in Poland to support asthmatics and people with lung disorders.

How do you use a salt lamp?

  • Buy a candle holder salt lamp, when you light it, the salt lamp will heat up and start releasing the negative ions
  • Invest in an electric salt lamp. These are perfect if you have small children or pets, as they are safer than candles
  • I pop my salt lamp on as soon as we come home from the school run (sometimes before). Its a lovely warm glow and really seems to calm the children and me down (I notice if its not on!)
  • Animals also are calmed by the salt lamp’s release of negative ions

Potential benefits of using a salt lamp

  • Cleanses the atmosphere of bacteria
  • Produces negative ions to reduce impact of electro-smog of TVs, PCs etc
  • Reduces the impact of positive ions and so reducing stress, depression & mental exhaustion
  • Cleanses the air
  • Creates a beautiful warm glow


I love my salt lamps and always use the electric lamp and have a couple of candle holders too. They create a lovely positive glow and I wouldn’t be without them!


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