Ricoh – a wellbeing day for employees

I’m just back from a 4 hour stint massaging a range of staff at Ricoh RPL in Telford. They have been enjoying a well-being month and have had a range of therapists in, allowing all staff the opportunity to have free taster sessions to try a range from hand massage to indian head to neck/shoulder massage to mindful meditation. I wish the companies I had worked for were as progressive as this – maybe they are now!

It was great to go and share these relaxing therapies with open-minded people, trying the for the first time.

We started off doing a bit of mindful breathing, relaxed the shoulders and then either Indian head massage or Reiki (most of the time both!). Some admitted to “almost falling asleep”, being really relaxed afterwards (whereas prior to the session they were stressed and having a bad day).

My feet are tired but my mind buzzing from the thrill of sharing these amazing skills!

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I hope more companies are now following the lead of companies like Ricoh, putting the well-being of their staff into their stakeholders and sustainability plans. More please!

Romella   x


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