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Colours of Life

Have you ever wondered what the colours mean or what you’re saying with your choice of colours? This is a short intro into the world of colour a la Aura-Soma. Aura-Soma is all about colour therapy for the soul, where the colours you choose are messages from your inner self, your soul, your higher self whatever you call it.


Colours are all around us from the rooms we are in, our bedding, curtains, clothing, accessories, plants and food. Our choice of colours has meaning; perhaps we’re choosing yellow to be bright and cheerful or purple to connect to our spiritual side (have you noticed how many therapists use purple in their logos – me included!).


This image is known as the colour star – it shows how blending colours creates new colours – takes me back to primary school & playing with paint! Today I’m just going to share some information on the three primary colours – red, blue and yellow. From these 3 colours all the other colours are created but the three dominant colours still carry energy into the “new colour”. For Aura-Soma this is important and we calculate the levels of these 3 colours to see how balanced you are and can suggest a colour to work with to bring more balance into your day.


Blue – blue is a colour of peace, communication and also authority. It is nurturing, heaven (think skies) and also connectedness (think of our blue planet). Spiritually blue is for peace, communication and the connection to heaven brings in “thy will not my will” (El Morya). Mentally it can be saying “yes” (perhaps too much), it can highlight issues of authority/ surrender but also trust. Emotionally blue can feel peaceful, a sense of serenity, calm, soothing. It can also be sadness (think of the phase feeling blue). Energetically it is the colour of the throat chakra –speaking your truth.


Yellow – yellow is joy, bringing the possibility of joy, self-awareness, individuality, knowledge & connection (think yellow pages). It’s flip side can also be fears, courage, confusion and doubt. Spiritually it is about light, 2way communication and learning through knowledge & doing. Mentally it can be about laughter and humour (linking into joy) but also issues of control. Emotionally yellow brings us happiness through that sunny feeling, it can also represent fears such as lack of confidence. Energetically it links to our solar plexus; our centre of strength and inner guidance – tap into your joy & inner will.


Red – red often refers to the material world, a grounding colour, it is a colour of energy – for life & for chi (which means life force). Spiritually it can be about awakening, change and concentration. Mentally it can be about grounding yourself in the present moment or feeling ready to “get up and go”. Emotionally it can be frustration and anger (think of the phase seeing red). Energetically red can be for strength and energy. It is the colour of the root chakra –grounding in the present moment, being here in the real world.


Simply put a dominance of blue can be saying “yes” too much, red saying “no” too much and yellow “indecision” or “confusion”.


We don’t often have an equal balance of these colours when we choose our 4 bottles, this can show a discrepancy in how we feel or are coping. I often had a lack of yellow (despite my turquoise colour dominance) and this was because of lack of joy and also I believe highlighted an issue of control. My last consultation was more balanced and I feel more aligned to joy now J


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