The Balance Procedure Accredited Level 1 ONLINE

As well as learning and using this amazingly practical tool you will also receive a book and set of cards.

Level 1 is an introduction to The Balance Procedure and the basic theory behind the procedures

During the Workshop you will:
– Explore and understand how the mind affects the body
– Find out why thought and imagination are the powerful assets to balance
– Practical ways to use The Balance Procedure
– Learn what your life path and personal year number are and how they inform you of what’s happening to you
– Release and transform limiting beliefs that can hold us back
– Improve health and improve vitality
– Feel relaxed on a consistent basis
– Understand emotions and how they indicate our unconscious beliefs
– Feel confident to use TBP every day to create positive balance in your life

Price is £75 (incl cards and the TBP book)
Training will happen via zoom or skype

This is Level 1 and is mandatory to becoming a practitioner in The Balance Procedure.