Mindful Meditations @ River Severn

Earlier this week it was a glorious day and I was walking along the River Severn, near the Centre where I work. It was beautiful day, grass glimmering in sunlight, sound of the river, bird singing. A beautiful mindful  moment for me. It replenished  me completely.

So I recorded a few one minute videos to share this awesome, special place with you.

Each of the videos are just one minute long and have visual and audio (including cars and planes!). So take a minute to relax your eyes, feel the nurturing power of nature, let yourself relax. Perhaps see what details you can see in the video or sounds. I hope you enjoy x

Video One – River Severn and manmade water fall


Video Two – A downstream video. This is perfect if you have things you want to let go of and get into the flow. Let the River take away your blocks, clear your energies. Nature will transform the negative into the positive:


Video Three –  Silver Birch Power Trees. These beautiful trees are the view from the Rainbow Room where I currently work. So when I’m channelling Reiki, running Women’s Circle Groups or meditating, these trees connect me and ground me. They shimmer in the summer



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yours calmly,