Mercury’s Going Retrograde – from Friday 29th April

If you follow any wellbeing or spiritual pages on Facebook you may have seen posts about Mercury Retrograde and wondered what it was and why people keep going on about it – here’s a little explanation.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Two or three times a year the planet Mercury appears to be travelling backwards in relation to the earth – this is known as Mercury Retrograde (MR). It is important as Mercury as a planet influences communication, truth, technology and also clear thinking. So simply put a Mercury Retrograde can affect your technology and communications – so you may not see an important email or you may express something in a way that the other person interprets differently. It can also affect travel, so trains, planes may get delayed or cancelled or travel plans affected at the last minute. In the retrograde we often revisit the past, past events, actions, decisions and in the present time alter our response and action to move forward.

How might it affect you?

If you find yourself feeling out of sorts, depressed, overwhelmed then it is possible that you are being affected by the Mercury Retrograde. You may have migraines, headaches, feel off-balanced, dizzy or ungrounded. You may feel more focused, more open-minded, like a detective uncovering clues and aspects of ourselves that were hidden. You throat chakra is more open so you may find yourself being more direct and speaking your truth (remember that others may respond to this communication in an unexpected way due to the MR)

What can you do to support yourself?

So what can you do? If you rely heavily on technology, make sure everything is backed up, try not to start any new projects, be really clear on your communication and messages that you send to people. It’s also worth keeping some space in your day for emergencies or to meditate to create some mental space for yourself.

A few other tips are to drink plenty of water, spend some time being grounded or walking in nature, eating plenty of root vegetables, even playing with animals will ground you.

I always use my balance procedure card – as this links to the planet mercury – so I balance with it on top with the intention that “I am in tune with myself and the planets” or perhaps that my communication is clear.


So don’t panic when everyone starts shouting about Mercury Retrograde – just be aware and allow yourself some space to be balanced and calm and be patient with others who may be affected (& not know it!).

Mercury Retrograde runs from Friday 29th April – May 22nd.

If you want to know more about the planets or using the balance procedure to bring balance and calm then just ask me


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