Peace & Love Meditation for Britain

At the moment in the UK there is a lot of angry energy about the recent referendum. Especially on social media. If you are an empath or sensitive person who picks up others energies then you may feel quite upset or emotional at the moment. Especially as friends may be posting things on social media which you don’t agree with.

Some holistic tools are:

  • Listen to this 10 minute meditation I’ve recorded for you. You may like to play some gentle background music alongside this meditation (as you can hear my children playing in the background until I shut the window!)
  • Use the Balance Procedure cards – especially the “I am Love Card”to balance yourself generally or to a specific affirmation
  • Try saying the affirmation “I am PEACE, I am LOVE”. Placing your hands on your heart and closing your eyes and then saying the mantra can be powerful in creating a positive feeling in your mind and body
  • If you do energy work then send energy of peace to create harmony and peace
  • Use the violet flame to clear all negative energy and thoughts that are filling your mind and body. Simply ask St Germain to remove them from your energy and send them to the violet fire to be transmuted
  • Work with rose quartz crystal for love, or labradorite to clear and protect your energies if you are feeling delicate and have unwanted attention or comments.
  • Bach Rescue Remedy is a great tool to bring calm and support after a shock. So look at either the spray version or  a dropper and add regularly to your glass of water. You may be surprised at the gentle support and clarity you get from these flower essences
  • Spend time meditating – simply concentrating on your breath, slowly breathing in and out a few times a day can help create a space for calm
  • If you do reiki or other healing modality then create a chi ball and send to the planet in the name of love and peace
  • Create a crystal grid for peace and love, by programming your crystals and connecting them up in a grid format and energising them with a crystal wand or reiki energy.

If you are sensitive to the negative energies and comments then these basic suggestions might help:

  • Reduce the time you spend on social media, especially facebook
  • Limit your catch up on the news to the short news headlines on the hour, rather than the full news program
  • Be selective about what you read in the newspapers or magazines
  • Remember everyone is entitled to their own opinion – we are lucky that we live in a democracy where everyone has the chance to vote on their beliefs

Sending you all love and peace