“Martini” Meditation Relaxation Class

The Martini Principle – anytime, anyplace, anywhere:

A meditation class for relaxation whenever and wherever you want


You know you should meditate.

  • How it will take your mind and body out of stress, fight, flight and freeze and into the relaxation zone
  • Balance your immune and endocrine system
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Detach from daily worries
  • Reduce pain sensations
  • Create a positive attitude to life
  • Give you some “me” time to just be and to just be yourself, alone


  • Can’t regularly get to a class?
  • Tend to do it on an adhoc basis
  • Always “I’ll do it later” but then it’s bed time?!
  • Don’t prioritise your own wellbeing

I am launching a virtual or mobile meditation class. I record a 45 minute meditation class and you can then watch at a time and place to suit you.

There are 3 elements to it so you can always pause between them if you don’t have 45 mins and only 20.

Each class has:

  • Calming or mindful breathing technique to practice
  • Colour visualistion
  • Mindful activity or visualisation
  • Body scan and guided meditation


Plus tips and ways to build them into your daily life


This one-off class is just £4.99. Click the box to buy!

Classes can be bought weekly @ £7.50 or a monthly prepaid pass (4/5 weeks content) of £19.99 or an annual pass of £199

There is also a VIP option with a monthly gift posted to you in addition to the classes.

Each week you receive an email to a new recorded class. If you wish you can join the secret facebook group too where I share tips, tools and additional meditations. Price will start at £37.99 a month – email me for details



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