Labrys what?

Labrys Ascension Therapy – Flame of the Soul

Labrys Ascension Therapy is also known as St Germain’s Flame of the Soul, which really explains this powerful energy system. It works with St Germain and his flame of transmutation to help clear energy blocks and energies and with other ascended masters and Archangels to bring you an amazing energizing therapy.

Labrys is an energy healing system, similar to Reiki but a different higher vibration. Cariad Therapies offer tasters and full sessions to really blitz those old patterns and blocks!

Although this amazing therapy came through St Germain, other Ascended Masters assist us all in increasing our vibrations. It really “kicks ass” as an energy therapy, “Reiki with bells on” is how one client described it!

It is a lighter vibration, fully opening the heart centre and awakening the loving energy within. Using the symbols will clear blocks to learning and the ascension process, the release of old patterns and bring forward a new way of being. This healing and awakening energy system has been channelled to us by Ascended Master, St Germain. His wish is to help all lightworkers and those who are opening up to their life’s purpose. It is preparing you for and allowing you to work with the new energies.

How does it differ to Reiki?

Whereas Reiki is a earthy energy which came through in the 1870s, and even before this, Labrys comes at the Age of the Aquarian. It was channelled by Mags O’Brien and Emma Simmonds in 2010, at a time when the world was in financial crisis and floods.

It does have elements of Reiki in there, but it is a massive shifting energy. Once you start with Labrys, shifts and block clearing often happens quickly. Having Labrys is like saying to the universe “Yes I’m ready to let go of what no longer serves me, get on my true path and move forward”. So it is!

There are three levels the same as Reiki – Level 1 for self/ family, level 2 for practitioner and level 3 Master Teacher

If you would like to try Labrys, then why not book in for a full 50 minute o r relaxing and block shifting energy session!

More Information about Romella

Romella is an author and award winning Holistic and Energy Practitioner based in Shropshire and available online & zoom/skype.  I’m all about balance and calm and getting you to achieve your own balance and calm.


I work with you, the whole you, to create packages to empower you to be the person you want to be. I include energy healing & clearing, relaxation techniques, life purpose support & teach self-help tools for you, your children and your family. To bring about a space of calm and positive change for the whole family. Books include the series “Balance and Calm Toolkit” (for Frazzled Mums) and a version for families.

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