July Freebie – It’s All About You!

What do you do to refill your bucket? To look after yourself?

This month I’m sharing tips & tools to support you filling your bucket – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Come and join me. It’s FREE!

It’s so important to look after ourselves, especially if we have others to look after – children, parents, relatives, pets, partners….

We all play many roles from partner, mother/father, worker, boss, employee, gardener, chef, cleaner, laundry maid, dog walker, taxi service….

But where do you fit in – to be “you”. You need to look after yourself so that you can be the best for others that may depend on you.

So let’s spend a month together – let me share some tips and tools to help you connect to your true being, to refill that bucket, to cope with those days when you’ve lacked sleep or work is stressful. Plus its free!

Every day I will be sharing a video, tip, worksheet or meditation with you. It is said it takes 21 days to form a habit so come along and lets do it together!

I’m all about quick, simple, daily tools to bring balance, calm and happiness to you and your family.

The kids break up in 3 weeks – so let’s spend this time trying some new tips and tools for positive balance.

We’re going to look at:

meditation, mindfulness, decluttering, journalling, gratitude, simple activities to do just for you and more!