Is Connection Important to You? Connection to Whom?

This week I’ve been pondering connection. A heartcentred lady, who I am lucky to have called a friend, passed away last week. Her light shone brightly and still does. Her connection can still be felt, like ripples around the world.

We have so many connections that come to us through family, friends, work, clubs, online groups and more. Some are positive, others less so. Some we thrive on and grow them deeply into our lives – like building a forest where the roots and branches intermingle. This is what Sam did, she created a beautiful tribe of heartcentred people looking to make a difference, one drop at a time.

Connection doesn’t have to be about other people, it can also be about us, our deep connection to our hearts, souls, lives and our own truth. It can be about connection to our spiritual team.

Deepening my connection to me has been top most of my… needs… is the word I’m going to use. I need to really connect back into me, my passion and put myself first. After a busy and emotional Christmas,  business relaunch and more – I seem to have lost me in the mix.

So this weekend I’m doing myself a 12 card reading for the year and sorting myself out a special aromatherapy blend created around emotions. I need to reconnect to myself, my mission, my guides. Today I thought this might also be the case for others. So I thought I’d create this as an offer – as often as leaders/teachers we are only a step or two ahead.

Special Offer for 10 people only

Book your space for £49 here: