Indian Head Massage for Migraine relief?

Indian Head Massage for Migraine relief?

One of my most popular therapies is Indian Head Massage. It is a gentle massage with its history based in India, where families would (and do) give each other regular head/shoulder massages. It is effective to de-stress the whole body, as the massage covers the shoulders, neck, upper arms, face and scalp. It can be carried out over clothes, but most clients prefer the massage oil to be used.

Many of my clients find that regular Indian Head Massages can reduce the presence and reoccurrences of migraines significantly.

Indian Head Massage has the physical benefits of improving blood flow to the neck and head, improving lymphatic drainage & thus removal of toxins from the head, relieves muscular tension and relieve physical and emotional stress. All brilliant to aid headaches and migraines. As well as the increase blood supply acting as a boost to promote healthy hair growth too!

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