The Fall or Letting Go In September – Following Nature

I’ve been stuck for the last few months, thinking about what to do & where to go. I knew it was time to leave the centre and reduce the one-to-one therapy I was doing. I was in a place where I was working hard simply to pay the rent and though I loved what I did and the workshops, not everything was a deep passion for me.

Since leaving the centre I’ve had time and space to think about what I really want to do and this is where I’ve become stuck. Now it is autumn and the leaves begin to fall off the tree I find I have clarity.

Just as the tree grows and blooms in the spring and summer, the leaves give it energy, then as it becomes Autumn, as we heading into winter, it is time for the leaves to be let go of. They have fulfilled their purpose. They provided the nutrition needed for the tree to grow and prosper, but to keep hold of them will not serve the tree well over the winter months.

The same is for me. I feel now September is nearly over I’ve had a month of pondering and debating what to keep hold of what to let go of. I no longer advertise my hourly therapist work, I still serve those who know me but I do not seek out new business. My passion is sharing knowledge and empowering people and groups –  workshops do this for me. I love my womens’ circle, where I research and share a new topic each month. I work with amazing women, supporting their well-being and spiritual journey. I love meditation and breathing exercises and sharing these, whether it’s in my books or classes or online courses. I love essential oils, being able to share them with people and empower them on their well-being journey. They are simple and effective. I love my energy healing work although I must admit I don’t do it enough on myself. I love the balance procedure but again it is drifted away from me slightly as new things have come to me.

I will always have my qualifications of reflexology, Indian head, body massage, crystals, flower essences etc.  They are no longer what I am offering. They no longer fulfill me in the way that they did a few years ago. I’m finding myself and my true passion.

Just as the tree loses it’s leaves slowly in the autumn, as they change colour from green to yellow to orange and red and drift to the ground, the tree lets go of the things it knows it doesn’t need. I feel the same about myself. For the first time in about four months I feel I have the strength and clarity to let things go and follow a new path.

I know what excites me, where my passion lies and I will continue to develop along these lines. My keywords are still balance, calm, connection and energy but to these I have added the word empower and spiritual and underline the word connection. These four keywords stood me well in 2017 and as we enter the 10th month I finally have clarity and depth to what is a Romella.

What is a Romella?

A Romella is all about connection, energy, spiritual connection, empowering, balancing, calm and happiness. In the end the key is to feel happiness. The key is to feel joy and sometimes you have to let things go in order to reach that space.

So as I watch more leaves fall to the ground, I feel a connection to the trees knowing that I’m following their lead and letting go. I’m on my path but my final destination has not yet been set and that’s ok.

For the moment I will enjoy walking and jumping and crunching on the leaves. I will enjoy letting go of elements of my business that were part of my growth in previous years, but not part of my journey moving forward into 2017. As I let go I know that new things will come and grow in their place because in nature come the spring the trees will grow their leaves again.

So maybe for you as you look and watch the autumn and the leaves changing colour and being released with love from the tree, you may see similarities in your life and your path. You don’t need to know the final destination you just need to connect to your joy, become aligned and be prepared to go with the flow.

I am becoming the Romella I was meant to be.

with love,

With a background as an award winning holistic therapist and author of two books, Romella aims to connect you to your calm and onto your spiritual path. Romella has a  wide range of holistic tools in her toolkit, from essential oils, meditation, energy work and more – there will be something to support your personal journey.