Essential Essential Oils


Essential Oils  – tools for balance and calm


I thought I’d share my favourite essential oils and essential oil blends that come from DoTerra products. Doterra produce pure therapeutic essential oils (CPTG).


a roll-on so it’s always accessible in my bag. Perfect for calming, mindful moments and headaches. It also reminds me of summer whenever I smell it.

Clary calm

again a roll on and this is a “monthly blend”, first sign of monthly pmt or aches and I roll it on my tummy and feel calm and less achy. It works every time. The clary sage in it is great to use generally to balance hormones, to even moods out shall I say 😉 (works for me when I remember to use it!)!

Whisper Women’s Blend

again a feminine blend that I use in a pendant as a perfume but also at that special time of the month ;- )

Wild Orange

this is an amazing uplifting oil. Makes me happy just smelling it. I diffuse this often.

Serenity Blend

a blissful blend that is diffused upstairs before and during the bedtime routine for this children to help calm! Works for me!

In-tune Blend

I use this on my children! – a roll on blend of oils to bring focus. I pop it on my kids before school 😉

Breathe Blend

a great blend to diffuse or dilute and apply to soles of feet if anyone has a cold in the family


These are a few of my favourite things 🙂

If you would like to have a free sample then please just ask – I’d love to share. Or for more information on something specific you would like supported in a natural way, please email me.

If you want to find out more here’s my Doterra website –


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