Ear Candling – the Native American’s knew what they were doing!

Ear candling comes from the Native American Indian tribe of the Hopi’s “peaceful people”. It can be a very peaceful, nurturing & cleansing experience. Benefits can include:

  • Aid colds, sinuses
  • Wax blockages
  • Pressure equalisation (eg flying)
  • Snoring
  • Motion sickness

For more information check out this blog listing all benefits and also information on when it shouldn’t be carried out:


Ear candling

What Happens in an Ear Candling Session

  • You will lie down on your side, a candle will be lit and placed carefully in your ear.
  • You may hear sizzling, popping or rushing sounds, it is a very relaxing noise sensation.
  • After approximately 8-10 minutes the candle will be removed and extinguished.
  • You will then be asked to turn on the other side and the same process will happen.
  • As I am a practising Reiki Master-Teacher you will also benefit from the flow of universal healing energy during the candling session.
  • Once both ears have been candled, you will be asked to lie on your back
  • A facial massage and lymphatic drainage massage will be carried out, this is very relaxing, helps drainage and stimulates the lymphatic flow in the jaw.
  • You will then be given time to come around and sit up and a glass of water.
  • I will then share with you some aftercare advice and discuss future therapy benefits.
  • If you have any questions please ask.

There are many benefits to ear candling, as well as those mentioned above it is very relaxing and cleansing. There is a feeling of clarity and space after a session. The massage at the end is also very relaxing and by encouraging the muscles to relax may release pressure, tension and pain.


If you would like to discuss the benefits of ear candling of your personal circumstances with me then please do contact me by phone or email.