Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

Don’t get all tied up in the “woe betide” of the Retrograde. There are ways to work with the energy – but if you are insistent that you’re going to be badly effected – then guess what?!! You will be as that is what you are attracting towards you 🙂

This latest Mercury Retrograde runs from 16th Nov – 6th December 2018 – with a pre and post effect for the two weeks prior and after.

Here are some suggestions of crystals that could support you in the coming weeks:

  • Blue Crystals
    • As Mercury is all about communication anything that supports your throat chakra is going to be a good thing to ensure clear communication. They can help you to speak your truth, if you’ve been hiding for a while – or not sharing with others what is bothering you (I’m thinking more personal things rather than things you’re neighbour has been doing which annoy you!)
    • Turquoise is one of my favourite crystals  – usually in the form of a necklace
    • Blue topaz, celestite & angelite (both the latter are perfect for angelic connection)
    • Place on the throat chakra when meditating or jewellery, even having them close to you (in your hand/pocket/desk) can help as the intention is there for them to support your communication
  • Rose Quartz
    • Rose Quartz is a wonderful crystal for self love and compassion. Have you ever thought of the words that you say to yourself? We can be our harshest critics and call ourselves names that no one else would dream to use. So take this time of enhanced communication to give yourself some self love – so again when meditating place on heart space, carry some with you or place near your water. I love to use as a worry stone – carrying it in my hand to fiddle with as needed (forget fidget spinners!). For headaches/migraines in a retrograde stroke across forehead and back of neck.
  • Dark crystals
    • Crystals such as hematite and pyrite are wonderful grounding stones. So if you are feeling dizzy or ungrounded during the retrograde then place these by your feet or under the bottom of the foot of your bed. Again I like to use hematite as jewellery to ground me fully ( I love the magnetic bracelets you can get!)
  • Angel Stones
    • All communication is enhanced in a Mercury Retrograde – including the communications with our higher self, intuition and angelic support team. Crystals such as angelite and celestite are perfect to mediate or journal with in the Retrograde to really ground their communication and messages

I hope these suggestions give you some ideas of how to use crystals to support your Mercury Retrograde journey.

If you have any questions then please do ask