Crystal Healing? How do they help?

What is Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used for healing for thousands of years.

Treatments with crystals can take many forms, crystal chakra cleansing, crystal healing, space clearing or gridding using crystals. Melody laying-on-of-stones is a magnificent way to work with crystals and gridding to bring about abundance, clear past or present issues and more


Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystals are placed on and around the body, in specific points or on the chakras, based on instinct or client issues highlighted by the client. The crystals create balance and harmony and allow healing to take place in the body. During this rest time, reiki can be given if desired to enhance the healing process & sense of wellbeing.


Crystal Chakra Balancing

Whilst lying on the couch the chakras are opened with a crystal wand and chakra crystals placed on the chakras to balance their flow of energy.


Melody Laying-on-of-stones

The Melody method uses a specific technique, placing crystals on and around the body in a gridding pattern. Layouts include chakra balancing, elimination, affirmations, abundance, through to ascension arrays.


Space Clearing/ Crystal Gridding

Crystals are charged with a purpose and placed in the corners of the room/house or in special grids. Particularly useful for geopathic stresses and space clearing.



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I run workshops on Crystals 101 both in Shropshire and online I also offer crystal therapy sessions – please contact me for more information.

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