The Balance Procedure

The Balance Procedure Training

What is The Balance Procedure?

The Balance Procedure is an energy technique, it comprises of a set of 9 cards all linked to affirmations, symbols, colours, numerology, astrology and planets and crystals.

By holding the cards on your balance centre and using your body to dowse (move), you use the cards to balance yourself and check you are aligned to what you want to feel in your life. By asking yourself, “what do I want, how do I want to feel” and then balancing the answer, you are working towards your highest good. For example “I want to be healthier”, “I am healthy”. It’s all about your energy and your intentions

I am a qualified and experienced The Balance Procedure practitioner & trainer. I offer training at different levels depending on if you are looking to use for yourself or to train and become a qualified practitioner.

Self – Level – a workshop as an introduction to The Balance Procedure, including an overview of astrology, numerology, how to balance check

Plus Practitioner training (Level 1 and Level 2)

Level 1 – for self, family & friends – learn how to balance yourself, your personal number and life number.

Level 2 – Practitioner Level – Through further study and case studies learn how you can use this in your practice to empower clients to balance themselves and have a daily tool for their future life – in a 30 minute appointment!

The Balance Procedure – Level 1 –  runs bimonthly – also available individually

The Balance Procedure – Level 2 practitioner level – runs quarterly or available as one-2-one

I offer three ways to learn the Balance Procedure:

come to a workshop

  • get a copy of the book and set of cards and learn how to use in your life

Level 1

  • Looking to find out more information and get a qualification
  • Gain for CPD points
  • As part of your journey to become a practitioner

Level 2

  • After completing level 1 you can do level 2 and become a qualified practitioner in The Balance Procedure
  • As a practitioner you can teach workshops and one-2-ones as part of your business

Here are the links:


Level 1 –

Level 2 –