Positive Parenting Programme

Would like some new tools to improve communication with your children?

New Tools to cope with change and build confidence?

Plus learn some tools to create family calm.

Then this workshop is for you! Di Smart Life Coach and Create Family Calm are running a communication tools workshop on Saturday 15th July 2017

Outline of Workshop:

  • How to build a child’s confidence
  • Positive praise and how to balance praise
  • Approaching mistakes and promoting responsibilities
  • Goals and motivation to promote confidence and self-esteem
  • The keys to communication for child and parents
  • Including assertiveness
  • Talking about feelings
  • Managing change for the child
  • Looking at how holistic tools can support your child and communication
  • What are the benefits of using these tools for the body and mind and emotions
  • Tools to create family calm
  • Visualisation and meditation (to reduce stress hormones, self-calm and increase relaxation
  • Use of affirmation (positive words to overcome negative emotions and thoughts)
  • Massage (gentle positive touch as a form of positive communication)
  • Mindfulness (to stop worry about the past/future/ change)
  • Essential oil and how they can support calm for chldren and parents

Di Smart Life Coach and Create Family Calm are running  this positive parenting programme workshop on Saturday 15th July 2017 From  10-3pm. Cost is £60. For more information please contact me.

Each attendee will get a copy of my book “Balance and Calm Toolkit for the Frazzled Mum”* worth £8.00
Booking essential – click here for the full content of the workshop communication-in-the-family-tools-workshop-day-outline

For more information please watch this video: