Law of Attraction 101 Group

What is the Law of Attraction?

Quite simply “like attracts like”, so being positive will attract more positive (being angry attracts more to be angry about and the same for “things going wrong”).

Additionally everything is energy – you are energy, your phone or laptop are energy and your thoughts are energy. This is the next key point – that “thoughts create reality”. As our thoughts create the world we live in and our attitude the universe “hears” this and sends more of the same. So those with those fateful words “Today is going to be a disaster” – guess what so it is!

Want to know how to get this awesome law working for you in your life from small to large?*


Law of Attraction 101 Monthly Group

This workshop is for you. Run as a monthly workshop we will go through the basics of the Law of Attraction each month, building on knowledge and toolkit. Plus you are in a supportive group for your journey.

What will you learn?

  • How our thoughts create our desires
  • What is the Law of Attraction – understanding the basics
  • How resisting the law of attraction can happen
  • How to get the Law of Attraction working on your life
  • Monthly meditations and worksheets
  • Meet as a group or an online secret facebook group

What is the monthly group?

We are a supportive friendly group of like minded people, you’ll be made to feel welcome and free to safely share your journey and LoA aims.

Each month we review different elements of the Law of Attraction, use tools and meditations to get ourselves in the “Attraction Zone”.  We think about the baby steps that we might need to take as part of the action and share with the group (you  may sometimes make yourself accountable to taking those actions if you desire).

  • We always do a clearing and focusing meditation
  • Use different tools of LoA (dream board, visualisation tools, meditations etc.)
  • Share our dreams and experiences
  • Are a supportive, friendly, safe group in which to share and grow



  • Join the group which meets in Newport/ Telford
  • Can’t make the group – then join the online version, with all the same information and interaction

Meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Payment is £10 and is paid monthly – you are free to cancel at anytime. This is set up as a monthly paypal deduction to make the administration easier for the online group. If you prefer to pay cash each month then please just contact me

Second Thursday every month – Facilitator: Romella Jones

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The Law of Attraction 101 Monthly Group

This group meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month in Newport/ Telford



*There is no guarantee that you will achieve your goal through doing this workshop. This group/workshop is for information only to explain the concepts and share some tools. No responsibility is taken by people not achieving their goals.