Build your Own Workshop Day

Would you love to have a day with your friends tailored to your interests?

Interactive learning and have hands-on experience of your subjects

All in a calm and relaxing centre

Then this is for you!

Choose from two of the following mini-workshops, and have a personalised day with your friends.

Price is £49 per person and a minimum of 3 people.

You could even book in for an afternoon tea afterwards at the vintage tearoom on site!

  • Learn how to use and read Oracle Cards 
    • Learn how to get started with your cards
    • Learn to trust your instinct with your cards
    • How to do a one card or 3 card reading
  • Learn about the Law of Attraction
    • How does the law of attraction work
    • How to get yourself aligned to the law of attraction
    • Meditations to work with the law of attractions
    • Mini dream board planning
  • Connect to your Guardian Angels
    • Meditations to connect to your guardian angel
    • To connect to your clairs (voyance, audience, sentience) and build your muscles
    • Messages through oracle cards
    • Meditations and time to connect and hear messages
  • Crystals – learn how  to use them in your life
    • Learn how to choose crystals
    • How to get going with them – cleanse, charge and program
    • What different crystals are useful for
    • How to use crystals
    • Carry out and receive a Crystal Chakra Balance
  • Colours – Aura Soma- Life Purpose
    • Choose your Aura-Soma bottle and find out what it means for you
    • What’s your life purpose, your soul purpose?
    • What are your gifts, talents & challenges
    • What do colours mean
    • Use the Aura-Soma tarot cards to connect in meditation for additional messages
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
    • This is a session with lots of practice of meditations to get you started
    • Learn some simple tips to be successful in meditation
    • Starting with simple meditation practices – breathing, colours, body check, relaxation
    • 20 minute guided meditation to put your skills into practice
    • Top 10 tips for successful meditation
  • Space for Calm
    • Learn a range of holistic tools to create your space for calm
    • Starting with meditation and breathing exercises
    • Crystals and how they can help and support
    • Flower essences to support at times of stress and for sleep
    • Essential oils, sniff and feel
    • Affirmations  using positive words to create a positive mindset
    • How to use writing to support you – gratitude journalling
  • Mini The Balance Procedure Workshop
    • Learn how this tool simple daily tool can bring you into balance and help manifest your dreams
    • Explore and understand how the mind affects the body
    • Find out why thought and imagination are the powerful assets to balance
    • Practical ways to use The Balance Procedure
    • Learn what your life path and personal year number are and how they inform you of what’s happening to you
    • Release and transform limiting beliefs that can hold us back
    • Improve health and improve vitality
    • Feel relaxed on a consistent basis.
    • Includes set of book and cards worth £10
  • Essential Oils Workshop
    • An interactive workshop on learning how essential oils can support your emotional and physical body
    • Get hands-on with 8 main blends and oils, smell, apply and more!
    • Find out how essential oils can support your focus, sleep, monthly cycle and relaxation
    • Which essential oils are the best for your and your personal needs
    • Carry out a mini-AromaTouch hand massage with your choice of oil
    • Take home a couple of samples of your favourite oils
  •  Energy Work
    • Learn that everything is energy and how energy affects you positively or negatively
    • Learn how to protect your energies from those around you
    • Learn how to  cut etheric energy cords that no longer serve your highest good
    • Use tools such as  Aura-soma sprays & crystals to positively affect your energetic space
    • Use of bubbles and cloaks
    • How to ground and centre yourself

Simply choose your friends, sort a day (check availability with me!), choose your two favourite mini-workshops – book with me! Then come along for a fun packed day to learn new skills to take home!


  • Minimum of 3 people
  • Cost is £49 per person
  • Choose 2 workshops
  • Day runs from 10.00am – 2.30pm (30 mins for lunch) or 10.00 – 2.45pm (weekends, with 45 minute lunch)
  • Full payment due on booking – cash or bank transfer (paypal link can be sent for additional transactional fee of 50p per person)