Cleansing of Crystals, first steps before jumping in!

As this is my first blog it feels natural to start at the beginning and share my thoughts on when first using crystals.

I’ve just received some beautiful quartz points for my crystal therapy and some amazing “healer’s gold” crystal tumblestones (more next time!), so as much as I want to get stuck into them I have to cleanse them first!

Cleansing removes past energies that they may have picked up from mining, processing, travel, storage, wholesale & retail, locations and other potential “owners” who held them! Once cleansed you are able to energise them, get to know them and program them with your own positive thoughts and affirmations.

My favourite method is to hold in my hands and then run cold tap water over them for a few minutes until I feel they are cleansed (or dowse with a crystal pendulum). A gentle dab with a towel and then I leave them in the sunlight on a windowsill or overnight in moonlight (a full moon is awesome!). As much as I want to get into their energies it is important for them to have this rest time! I will then (after centreing myself) hold them individually and meditate on them, looking at their shape, texture and imagine being inside them and if they have a messages. This really starts a bond with the crystal and will make choosing them and working with them via instinct much stronger. I will then hold and “program” them individually or in the case of my quartz crystals as a group. Usually the intention initially is something simple such as “to amplify and heal for the highest appropriate level of the client”. Then I can try working with them to really get a feel for their energy! At last!!|

Alternatives method include lying them in salt for a few hours (be sure to throw the salt away though afterwards!), smudge with sage or similar, bury them in the ground (after wrapping in fabric) & remembering where they have been buried!. Some crystals will melt in water (selenite for example) so alternatives are also needed!

If I’m working with them I cleanse between clients using a crystal spray and then use reiki to cleanse and reenergise. I also have a generator crystal I use to leave them “on-charge” between treatments.

I hope I’ve given you a taster of information on crystal cleansing, I must end now as my new crystals are calling for me! Can you hear them?
Cariad Therapies