Clarity and Clear Offer

One area I’m working on myself at the moment – A LOT – is getting clarity for myself and business and clearing stuff!

Whether its physically clearing through decluttering, clearing out clothing, books, furniture, or working on my old beliefs and thought patterns, this past few months I have really cleared a lot! As is so often the case, what one person is going through, others who are connected are likely to do the same.

So I’ve created 10 places for a new offering “Clarity and Clear”

Maybe you’ve got a question going around in your mind, that you can’t get clarity on. Or maybe you have something you want to discover more information about?

Do you have an issue sleeping, relaxing, or emotional state that keeps you stuck?

This was me and I’ve created the same tools that I used to get myself shifting – “clarity & clear”

For just £29 you can access a 3 card reading – on any theme or question, plus after completing a short questionnaire I will create your own aromatherpy blend for you to use throughout the day, every day to bring balance to you on an emotional, mental or physical level – for whatever you need at this moment.

As a qualified aromatherapist, holistic & spiritual healer I find that these 2 elements can really help create space in my head and allow processing anf healing to happen so I can move forward.

Plus as a bonus I’m including a 3 part video e-course to help you be aware of things that can affect you energetically. Each video looks at space clearing for the place you live or work, grounding & cord cutting and tools to use to protect your energy. This information can then help you to keep your energy levels balanced to your optimum level.

You can book your place here – I am only offering 10 places so book your place early!