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Last few blogs have been me  jumping straight in to say how I use & cleanse new crystals, as I’d had a new crystal delivery (heaven!). Now I’m going to back track to outline choosing a crystal that will work with you.

You can just use instinct to choose a crystal when in a shop. Or look up an issue or ailment in one of many crystal books and then look to purchase that type of crystal. Even if you know what type you are looking for you will probably have a choice of 5-10 crystals of that type! There are a few methods which will work well to get the perfect crystal for you.

Visual – After choosing the type of crystal, then see if there is one you are instinctively drawn to, hold it in your hand and silently ask if it will help you do “x”, if you get a positive inner knowing will mean you have chosen the right crystal and it will support you in your aims. I usually have a relaxation in my shoulders for the right crystal, almost a mini-healing. The choice of a crystal is a two-way choice and I have seen a crystal being chosen and then leaping out of the clients hand and “hiding” in another batch of crystals!!


Pendulum – An alternative method is to use a crystal pendulum (or other pendulum). A pendulum, like a crystal, needs to be in agreement to work with you and will need cleansing and charging regularly too. To use a crystal pendulum, first you need to ask a base question so you know which is the answer for yes, no and not sure (clockwise/ anti-clockwise/ forwards/ sideways/wiggle etc). Once you have established this movement you can ask other yes/no questions. Hold either one or a few crystals in your hand and then ask the question “is there a crystal here which will work with me to do x”. Then remove crystals from the group or if you have a “no” choose another group to ask. When working with a pendulum you need to try to keep your mind clear, it works by picking up energy and after a while the mind can influence it!

Energy Scanning – Another method is to hold it in our hand and place your other hand on top and see what sensations you pick up. This energy scanning method may give you a tingle, heat or even a small electric shock!

Choosing a crystal is a personal choice and the method you use will be right for you. You can still choose crystals for someone else. Before choosing, think of that person very clearly in your mind, or look at a photo of them, you are tuning into their energy. Then you can use one of the above methods, rewording “will you work with x to do y”.

If you are choosing from the internet, then you can’t hold the crystal to feel its vibration but you can look at the image. I clear my mind and try to tune in the “shop” and crystal image to ensure it feels positive. I still ask the question “will one of these crystals being sold help me with x”

Choosing a new crystal is an exciting moment. I use all these methods, visually I am often drawn to a type of crystal and then use the energy scanning and question to choose the actual crystal. I do this remotely or by holding the crystal, depending on where I am buying the crystal. Don’t forget to cleanse the crystal when you get home before using though!

Next blog I’m going to be sharing my healer’s gold crystal!

Recommendations – facebook – “cupsandwands tarot”, and Hibiscus Moon
books – The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall; Crystal Healing – Judy Hall; Crystal Therapy – Doreen Virtue; The Crystal Healer Philip Permutt

This blog is written as an outline of how I work with crystals and not a professional teaching lesson on crystals

stunning high vibration crystal tealight holders

stunning high vibration crystal tealight holders