Celestite for psychic development

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Celestite (or celestine as sometimes known), has for me a lovely calming energy, one that says “everything is going to be OK”. It creates a restfulness and inner peace for me. I find it is extremely useful for meditation, as it calming energy reduces my thoughts and stills my mind, making it open to communication.
It is this calm, which for me, then helps my spiritual connection. My ears are buzzing now with energy and messages as I hold a large piece of celestite to do this blog. The calmness and quiet runs from my crown through my whole body, creating this wonderful stillness. The meditative state is just so peaceful I can hardly write!

Celestite crystal comes in small tumblestones but more often in geodes. I prefer the larger stones which have the points from micro to medium inside, all going in different directions. It is like a communication enhancer, by calming body and mind the spirit can connect and engage.

As well as in meditation, I love to use a small tumblestone on the throat chakra during a chakra balancing treatment. My piece is tiny, about a thumb nail in diameter and yet its gentle energy really helps shift those unspoken blockages, more so than the more traditional turquoise. The crystal works on the heart, throat and crown and this is why I feel it works so well in the chakra rebalancing.

Its gentle openness allows this calming to reduce stress levels in the body and can help sleep come more easily. Its peace allows an opening to link into the connection with your guardian angel, a celestial link indeed!
I love the peacefulness that celestite brings within me and takes me to a faster & deeper meditation than I might achieve otherwise.

Why not try this beautiful stone on your heart or throat chakra next time you meditate or do a crystal chakra balance.

I’m off to quieten my mind now and tune in to my celestial connection!

Love and light
Rom x

celestite, celestine, crystal, spsiritual connection, peace

Celestite geode and crystal in background

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