Beginners Balance and Calm Class

Are you feeling stressed? Anxious? Trouble sleeping? Unable to switch off? Then this is for you!
Based on my book series “Balance and Calm Toolkit”, this course will give you tools and techniques you can use every day to bring some calm into your life, reduce stress and help you feel emotionally balanced.

Beginners Balance and Calm available as a one day workshop or weekly:

– one day on Saturday 19th November
– weekly Monday 14/11-5/12 @ 10-11am

Price is £40 and includes a published copy of “Balance and Calm Toolkit” worth £8.

In the course we will be using a range of holistic tools to support you creating your own inner calm and emotional balance. These will include:

Essential Oils

You will leave with a toolkit full of tools and techniques that you can easily fit into a normal day, that won’t take hours or lots of preparation. Plus a printed book full of 160 tips to balance and calm

To book click on this link choosing your preferred option to attend: