My Support in A Bottle – Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle

My Support in A Bottle – Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle

As the kids went back to school, I took some time out to sort myself out. I’ve neglected myself over the past couple of months. I’ve taken time out to meditate most days, but deeper more spiritual or self-development has been in the cupboard (not even on the back burner!). So one of the first things I did was get my Aura Soma bottles out and do a consultation for myself. This is the bottle I will be working with to clear my blocks, refocus me and move me forward.

The “I AM” Bottle

This is the Aura-Soma bottle I will be working with for the next couple of months. It’s bottle #40 “I AM” or the “Tibetan Bottle”. The colours are red over gold, manifesting in the real world through wisdom and teaching. The bottle overall is about teaching through my own inner wisdom. This is something I am doing more of through my Women’s circle, crystal, energy and LOA work.
My affirmation for this bottle is “I say Yes to the situations, circumstances and conditions of life”.
It refers to the bringing together of all aspects of the self or me. So the work I do for others I need to apply more thoroughly to myself. All aspects of me need to come together to become a deeper experience.
The book mentions that issues of  anxiety that lead to other negative emotions such as anger, frustration, self-criticism may affect the person. This is so true of me. I am looking to build my business into an online one with courses for everyone to access and benefit from. Part of me keeps holding back as if to say “I’m not good enough”. I get angry, often. So this reference to the bottles attributes all makes sense for me.

My Affirmations for Now

  • I am good enough
  • I have great results with happy clients
  • I launch successfully
  • I am open to say yes to all positive encounters
  • I am happy

All these affirmations plus applying the bottle in a ring around my base & solar plexus chakras will move me forward. These chakras are to do with security and emotions. Out of the summer and into the new space for happiness and success.

I’ll let you know how I get on!


Romella is an award winning Holistic and Energy  Practitioner based in Newport Shropshire & Ironbridge and available through Skype.  I work with you, the whole you, to create packages to empower you to be the person you want to be. I include energy healing & clearing, relaxation techniques, life purpose support & teach self-help tools for you, your children and your family. To bring about a space of calm and positive change for the whole family.