Anger Management Week – free tools

Its Anger Management Week 1st – 7th December. In the run up to Christmas we all get a bit frazzled and can lose our temper quicker or not be as lenient or aware of what things other people have going on.

So here are a few tips and tools to use to bring you back to a calm state!

Five Simple Tools to Calm

  1. Breathe – breathe slowly in and out x 5; you can use colours (eg pink is for love, green to heal, blue to calm etc)
  2. Use Bach Rescue Remedy – suitable for most people and children. The spray is particularly useful, if not a drop in water or drinks for you and kids can really calm!!
  3. Lavender oil – use a diffuser or few drops on your pillow or bedding (or kids clothing!)
  4. Rose quartz crystals are great for calming and creating an atmosphere of love – love for others and self love. Give them a clean and charge then program for what you want them to do
  5. Breathing in colour – take slow breathes in and out and imagine you are breathing in a colour – filling your body with the energy of this colour to calm (eg pink is for love, green to heal, blue to calm etc)


Affirmations are a tool you can use to create a positive mindset by repeating them. Saying them regularly can help you t ofee lthe positive words.

  • I am calm
  • I am peace
  • I am relaxed
  • I am happy
  • I am OK
  • I am good enough

As you repeat them you may feel your body relax, shoulders drop and feel a positive change in your body.

Repeat them 3 x and then a few times throughout the day. Perhaps as you’re waiting for kettle to boil, sat in the car in traffic, on the school run, or at other time.


Try this meditation – Its called I am peace. A useful affirmation to use is “I am Calm” or “I am Peace”


I hope you find your inner calm and are able to hold on to the inner peace. I have other tools to support you – so just contact me if needed!


Romella is an author and award winning Holistic and Energy Practitioner based in Shropshire and available through Skype.  I’m all about balance and calm and letting you achieve your own balance and calm.


I work with you, the whole you, to create packages to empower you to be the person you want to be. I include energy healing & clearing, relaxation techniques, life purpose support & teach self-help tools for you, your children and your family. To bring about a space of calm and positive change for the whole family. Books include the series “Balance and Calm Toolkit” (for Frazzled Mums) and a version for families.

There is also a range of online courses and support available


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