A few of my Favourite Spiritual Books 150520

For anyone interested in building their spiritual library or on their spiritual journey – here are a few of my favourites Join me today for card of the day and a “share your favourite spiritual book” book.club! Join me live at 10am every day – www.facebook.com/romella101

This friday (22nd May we’ll have a book club on my facebook page around the theme of law of attraction/ manifesting – who’s your favourite author, your favourite book, what are your manifesting successes?

Then on the following friday 290520 at 11am on ZOOM the book club will be looking at one or two of these books. Remember you can read them, listen to them or probably even find them being read for free on youtube!

Book here – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/woo-woo-book-club-with-romella-290520-tickets-105773264682