A day of Gratitude – Should we be thankful for more than 1 day a year?

Today in America it’s Thanksgiving Day. A time when families often get together to celebrate and be thankful.

However, I think its some thing we should be doing every day, there are so many benefits to gratitude and it doesn’t have to be massive things – simple things are very powerful.

Reasons to be Thankful

  • Its all too easy to be overwhelmed and consumed by a lack or sadness. When we feel low, it can be almost impossible to lift our energy levels or vibrations to want to share our gratitude. However, by keeping it simple and writing our gratitude we can always find one thing positive about a day. Do you have the ability to make a cup of tea, a hot bath, a friend to talk to, books to read, pets to cuddle, a child, a job, the sunshine, the rain to water the garden… Finding one thing each day to capture is a powerful tool to lifting your spirits, energy and mood. You can look back and see how far you’ve come, remind yourself about other good moments in the previous week. Its a tool to support your mental and emotional balance
  • The universe is always listening and one of the steps of Law of Attraction is sharing gratitude. By sharing gratitude for the things you have you are saying to the universe ” I love this please send me more of the same!”
  • Everything is energy, so when we think of things that have bought us joy or a moment of happiness, our vibration lifts. We are lifted energetically to a different emotional & spiritual level. Have a go now and see. Its almost as if the heart centre is opening and pulling us upwards.
  • It’s a wonderful way to capture memories to look back on – whether in times of low emotions or for when children are growing up and changing.

Things to be Grateful for?

My advice is that this doesn’t have to be huge, not every day will be a birthday present or lottery win – but there are always moments of joy and things to be grateful for. We live in an awkward age of social media glamour and people showing off their lives. We know on some level that their lives are not really this perfect, but part of us may feel let down and sad, jealous even.

  • Having running water, electricity, heating, a home, food, warmth, clothing
  • Health, wellbeing, ability to walk, eat & drink. Ability to think and communicate
  • Having a job or running own business or being a Mum & present with children
  • Having a child, a partner, a family
  • Friends and family, work colleagues to communicate with. People who “get” us and understand us and why thing matter to us
  • Being able to make a cup of tea, make & eat a sandwich, have a slice of cake
  • Being able to write, draw, make, craft, sew, paint or create on any level
  • Being able to be present in our daily life
  • A good nights sleep, a comfy bed, a warm duvet, a hot water bottle

These are not all magical items, most are within the reach of everyone if we choose to acknowledge them and their importance in our life.

It doesn’t have to be fluffy unicorns and sparkly mermaids to be worth sharing your gratitude! In fact I think the opposite is true.

How do I do Gratitude?

  • Just thinking of one thing you are grateful for that day or pleased that happened is a perfect way to start.
  • I say “Today I am grateful for…..” ”  sunny and dry school run, my kids being happy when they went off to school, a good nights sleep, having proper bakery bread for toast, Hubby making a pot of coffee for breakfast, seeing a client, meeting a friend for coffee and sharing experiences and laughs, cuddles & kisses with my kidlets….” I tend to do mine first thing in the morning and some might pop into my mind during the day.
  • Simply think of 3 things you are grateful for that day when you go to bed (or first thing in the morning). Big or small – all are perfect moments to acknowledge and express gratitude for.
  • Use a journal (just a normal notepad/ journal) and write a few every day – either in the morning or evening
  • Just keep it simple- what do you have in your life that you are truly appreciative of, that makes a difference, or made you smile or happy, a perfect moment.

What not to do?

One thing I have learnt is to not make it into a chore. When it becomes a “should” rather than a want, my energy around it shifts and I don’t enjoy doing it anymore!

  •  The 5 year gratitude diary seemed a lovely idea, but I soon started missing day and it has since been recycled!
  • I’ve tried doing a daily post on facebook on my business page, but when it got to the school holidays I missed a few days and ended up having to “backdate” posts. It was at that point that I realised I was missing the spontaneity of gratitude and it shifted into the “should” again, so I stopped.

One book I recommend!

This book is one I recommend, written by a wonderful lady called Ali Gill, a fellow author – “My Perfect Journal” “Because life is full of hidden perfects” – a simple box to write ONE thing, a bit of colouring and a whole lot of connection to yourself. there is even a child’s version too.

This is the link for the Adults book – £12.99 – there is a spiral version available from Ali directly through her facebook/ twitter @hiddenperfects


I’m off to share my gratitudes for the day,  the things I’m thankful for

I’m grateful for all the ladies who have supported my Newport Wire Networking group this year, making it a wholesome, supportive and creative group which I love leading.

I’m grateful for Bizmums and the support the ladies have given to me over the past 4 years. I’m grateful I was able to host a meeting as the host was too sick. I’m grateful that I met Sue Tonks and her words of wisdom and messages struck a deep cord within me about my business,

I’m grateful for my doTERRA family – both the leaders, those I’m grateful to call “my team” and the customers and connections that I make. Changing lives one drop at a time.

I’m grateful for my husband for all we have and all we do together. For our children who came, just as I was about to give up all home. I’m grateful for my parents for supporting me on all levels – and giving me an unusual name which is perfect for my business! I’m grateful for the amazing & positive roles they play in my childrens lives, and our lives as a family.

I’m grateful for being able to have achieved a dream of becoming an author – and bestselling author with my son!

I’m grateful that everyday women approach me as they recognise the tools I offer can support them on their journey to wellbeing as a family.

and so much more x