Welcome I’m Romella and here you will find all things around my keywords of:

– calm – connection – energy – family – love

I’m all about supporting you to be connected to the true you, to be spiritually connected, calm, balanced, connected to your family & happy.

To be the true version of you, that often is hidden under emotions, stress, overwhelm, hidden from others. Connect and be you.


Are you looking for something more?

Are you feeling out of balance, out of sorts, out of energy?

Are you exhausted, unfocused, stressed?

Want to know more about your life purpose?

Interested in energy techniques and how they could help you (such as Reiki)?

Want to clear your blocks and get on with your life in a calm positive way?

Interested in Law of Attraction? Meditation? Flower Essences? Angel Cards? Crystals? Colour Therapy?


Then you’ve come to the right place!


I’m Romella, an award winning therapist and energy practitioner and author. I’m here to teach you tools and techniques to bring you into balance and calm. I could list the huge array of therapies I’m qualified & insured in, but a better way forward is to say how I can support you in your journey of life.

So do you:

  • Bring some balance and calm into your life and day-to-day activities
  • Want to shift blocks and get energy & focus flowing in your life
  • Find out your life purpose, gifts, talents and what’s going on around you?
  • Be calm around your family, with a ripple effect to them too
  • Become empowered through learning Reiki, Labrys Ascension Therapy or The Balance Procedure
  • Want to learn how holistic tools can support you and your family
  • Looking for natural solutions to boost your health, wellbeing and emotional state (eg essential oils, flower essences, crystals)
  • Discover and learn new techniques to be the person you want to be
  • Qualify with new skills to use as a practitioner
  • You are looking for an individual approach and package to develop solutions and tools for your personal needs


I’m not for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick hit solution to your ongoing problem
  • You are not willing to do some work on yourself too
  • You want a one-off reflexology, indian head or massage
  • You are not interested in holistic tools and solutions

Want to find out more then check out my solutions or blogs page